School Tour



Senior school tour

February midterm 2017


Flight details:

Depart Dublin 20th Feb 2017 17:00 Arriving 20:55

Depart Krakow 26th Feb 2017 21:25 Arriving 23:30


*A bus will be organised at a future date to bring the students from the school to the airport and back again*


A bus will collect the group at the airport and transfer us to our hotel, Sorea Marmot in Slovakia.

Here will we have five full days of skiing- hire of skis , boots, lift pass and two hour lessons, along with transfer to and from the slopes is all included.

Breakfast, lunch on the slopes and an evening meal at the accommodation is also included each day. All students also have fully comprehensive ski insurance.

On our return day the students will visit Auschwitz. Entrance, local guide and headphones are all included for this excursion.

Total amount of the tour is €1100 with €250 to be paid before 24th May 2016 and the balance due the first week in November. DEPOSITS ARE NONREFUNDABLE.




School Tour 2017- Hotel

School Tour 2017


Consent form for Arklow C.B.S. school tour 2017



I/ We the parent(s)/ guardian(s) of   ___________________ who was born on ___/___/____ hereby give permission for my/our son to travel with teachers of Arklow CBS to Poland and Slovakia and to participate in skiing from 20th to 27th February 2017.


I/We understand that in the event of my/our son requiring medical attention all reasonable efforts will be made to contact me/ us (or the alternative emergency contact if I/ we are unavailable) at the contact numbers provided. In the event of my/our son being taken ill or injured during the period of this consent I/ we hereby consent to any medical, surgical or dental treatment that may be necessary in a situation where I / we cannot be contacted for the purposes of giving consent at the time of treatment. I / We hereby authorise the teachers specified to communicate our consent to any treating medical or dental practitioner.

I / We confirm that the medical details in relation to my / our child are correct.



These are the medical details of my / our child.


If you answer YES to any question please provide details in the space provided below.

Has your child any serious illnesses?                           YES                             NO


Does your child take any regular

medications?                                                                  YES                             NO


Are there any medications that your

child is allergic to and/or must not be                             YES                             NO



Does your child have any allergies?                              YES                             NO


Has your child any special dietary                                 YES                             NO



I will make sure my son has his European Health Insurance card with him while he is travelling.


Signature(s): ______________________      _______________________



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