Transition Year Policy








  1. At Arklow CBS the Transition year course is optional for students.


  1. All parents / guardians of Form III are invited to an Information meeting in relation to the programme. Information is also given on Transition year to Form III students during school time.


  1. At a meeting in the school information is given to the parents / guardians of Students.


  1. Application forms are offered to the students of Form III and the application form should be completed and returned to the school.


  1. The BOM decides the number of classes and of students than can be offered the Transition year programme from year to year.


  1. From year to year all or some of the applicants may be interviewed for a position on the Transition Year Course.


  1. The Transition Year Co-ordinating team with the, Principal and or Deputy Principal meet to review the application forms.


  1. Staff consultation may take place to review the situation in relation to the applicant students.


  1. In selecting T.Y. students the Transition Year Co-ordinating Team and the School Authority may use such criteria as: age of applicant; date of receipt of application form; previous school record of applicant; interview of applicant and other such relevant criteria when putting together a list of students for the Transition Year Programme.


  1. If the number of applicants is less than the number of places available the Board of Management may decide that a Transition Year will not form for a particular year.


  1. The Board of Management may alter, amend or change these provisions / this policy from time to time.