3rd Yr Book List 17-18

3rd Yr Book List 2017-18

Books that are marked with an asterisk (e.g.*) SHOULD NOT be bought by parents as these books will be supplied to your son in the school.

Copies will be required for all subjects.



Higher Level:*Anois na Glóire 3, C.Ni Shúilleabháin (Gill & Macmillan)

*Seoid (Ardleibhéal), D.O’Murchu (Edco)

Ordinary Level: *Iontas 1, Wade & O’Toole (Edco)

* Seoid (Gnathleibhéal), D.O’Murchu (Edco)

*Focloir Bearla-Gaeilge, O’Siochfhraidh 

 Exam Papers available in September, A4 folder & A4 plastic pockets

Staighre (magazine) available from Teacher  €15 (Higher level only)




*Chrysalis (New edition), P.Nolan (C.J.Fallon)

*Take the Plunge (Folens) O’Donovan/Kirwan. 

A4 hardback, 2 copies, A4 envelope plastic folder, highlighter, red & blue pens 


Higher LevelConnect with Maths 2 (Edco) (not available on book rental)

Ordinary Level: Connect with Maths 1 (Edco) (not available on book rental)

Formulae & tables book (State Examinations Commission)

Exam papers (Edco) available in September

Scientific Calculator, Geometry Set, Graph Copy, Red & Blue Pens


*The Past Today, History (3rd edition), Dermot Lucy (G&M)

Exam papers available in September

A4 Hardback copy


 *New Complete Geography, 4th Edition & Workbook C.Hayes,(Gill & MacMillan)

Colouring pencils


 *Planete Jeunes, M.Doyle & B.Lynch  (Folens)

* Planete Ados, M.Doyle & B.Lynch  (Folens)

 A4 Hardback copy, A4 Folder & A4 Plastic Pockets, French dictionary

 German *Deutsch für alle 1, M.Devlin-Quinn/D.McGrath (Folens)

*Deutsch für alle 2 , M.Devlin-Quinn/D.McGrath (Folens)

Hörthemen Junior, (New Ed, green cover),J.Hayes & D.Hayes (Fallon)

Eng/Ger,Ger/Eng Collins pocket dictionary


*Discovering Science, 2nd edition, John Cullen, (Mentor)

Junior Cert Exam Papers available in September

Zip Folder

 Business St

*Open for Business, Dermot Reynolds (Gill & MacMillan)

* Open for Business Workbook, Dermot Reynolds (Gill & MacMillan)


*Know the Way, Orla Walsh (Veritas)

A4 hardback copy


A2 Portfolio (card), A3 Drawing pad, Packet of colouring pencils, A3 folder (card)

 Range of pencils 2B, 3B - 8B, sharpener & eraser, masking tape, watercolour pencils (12)


*Sounds Good – Core Book, McFadden & Kearns (Edco)

Sounds Good Set A Junior Certificate Music Workbook, McFadden & Kearns (Edco)

Music manuscript copy, Aulos recorder, A4 folder 




 *Wood –Materials - Technology, 4th edition, Michael Cross (Edco)


Technical Graphics

*Understanding Technical Graphics, O’Sullivan/Wade,(Gill & MacMillan)


Healthy Choices, Lifeskills for Social and Personal Education 

Student workbook (books available only from South East Stationery)

A4 Mesh Document Holder


*Stand Up, Speak Up!, Holmes & O'Dwyer (Mentor)

A4 Ringbinder, A4 Refill Writing Pad, A4 Plastic Pockets

Packet Colouring Pencils

P.E Equipment

School tracksuit & polo shirt, sports shoes, black sports socks, gum shield, plain black sports shorts (optional).

Football boots are required for use on the sports field.

A sports kit bag is recommended to carry the kit to school on PE day.

All items should be labeled with the students name.

Long hair must be securely tied back from face for PE class.