6th Yr Booklist 17-18

Books that are marked with an asterisk (e.g.*) SHOULD NOT be bought by parents as these books will be supplied as part of the Book Rental Scheme.     









Higher Level:              *Fiúntas - Y.O'Toole/E.Wade (Edco)

*A Thig ná Tit Orm, Diarmuid Ó Tuama (C.J.Fallon)

Ordinary Level: *Fuinneamh - Y.O'Toole/E.Wade (Edco)

*Focloir Bearla-Gaeilge, O'Siochfhraidh

A4 Display Folder (100 pockets), Higher & Ordinary Level exam papers (Edco) available in September Drémire magazine €15, available from Teacher (Higher level only)


Ordinary & Higher Level - use same books as last year

Comparative study texts will be decided in September






Ordinary Level:New Concise Project Maths 3A + 3B, Gill & Macmillan

Higher Level:     New Concise Project Maths 4, Gill & Macmillan

                         New Concise Project Maths 5, Gill & Macmillan

Note: Maths books are not available on the Book Rental Scheme.

Scientific Calculator, Geometry set, A4 graph copy, two Hardback copies, Maths tables, Red & Blue pens. Past Exam Papers (EDCO) available in September






* Dictatorship & Democracy 1920-45 Topic 3, Stephen Tonge (Edco)

*Division & Realignment in Europe 1945-1992, Callan/De Buitléir/Cleary (Edco)-(Ms Lee only)

*Politics and Society in Northern Ireland 1949-1993., M.Collins (Edco)

The United States & the World 1945-1989, M de Buitleir & S. Tonge (Edco)-(Mr Cosgrove only)

*Government, Economy & Society in the Republic of Ireland 1949-1989 Case Study, M.Collins (Edco)

2 A4 Hardback copies 


* Earth, M.Oran (Educate.ie)

* Earth Elective 5: Patterns & Processes in the Human Environment, M.Organ (Educate.ie)

A4 Hardback copy, colouring pencils, exam papers available in September


*Tout va Bien, 2nd Edition, Dervla Murphy (Folens)

Bien Dit, 2nd Edition, Sean McDermott (Edco)

A4 Hardback copy. Eng/Fr, Fr/Eng pocket dictionary, A4 Display folder (40 pocket) 


*Deutsch Komplett (Folens)

*Hörthemen (all levels) C.J.Fallon

Eng/Ger, Ger/Eng Collins pocket dictionary


 *Chemistry Live!, (2nd Ed) Declan Kennedy (Folens), Exam papers available in September


*Leaving Cert Real World Physics by Dan O’Regan (Folens)                         

Maths Tables, Scientific Calculator, A4 Graph Pad, same copies as last year


*Leaving Certificate Biology Plus - Revised Edition,  M.O'Callaghan (Edco),

A4 Hardback copy

Agricultural Science

*Breaking Ground, Cronin & Tiernan (Edco)

Exam papers available in September


*21st Century Business by William Murphy (CJ Fallon)


*History & Appreciation of Art, Fahey/Geoghegan-Tracy (Folens) 

*Less Stress More Success - Art History

A2 Art folder, range of pencils 2B, 3B, - 8B etc, masking tape, parer & eraser, A4 hardback sketchbook

Exam papers available in September. 2x A4 Display folder (40 pocket) 


*Mozart: Piano concerto in A major – organized by Ms Lee

*Berlioz: Symphony Fantastique                             *Raymond Deane: Sea Changes

*Beatles: Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Leaving Cert Music Workbook Course A, May Costello (Folens), Manuscript copy,  A4 hardback copy

Construction Studies

 *Get Constructive, E.Corcoran/S.King/W.Nolan (Educate.ie)

Design & Communication

*Graphics in Design & Communication (One volume), David Anderson (Gill & MacMillan)


*L.C.V.P. Link Modules – Making It Happen, C.McHale (Folens)

Career Guidance

  Essential Guidance Senior Cycle, Brian Comerford/Fred Tuite (Classroomguidance.ie)

A4 folder with plastic pockets, A4 refill pad

PE Equipment

School tracksuit & polo shirt, sports shoes, black sports socks, gum shield, plain black sports shorts (optional).

Football boots are required for use on the sports field. A sports kit bag is recommended to carry the kit to school on PE day. All items should be labeled with the students name. Long hair must be securely tied back from face for PE class.