Positivity Wk 2017


Positivity Week 2017



Mental Health is everyone's business. Everyone needs to mind their mental health. There will be times in your life when you feel down, stressed and frightened and your mental health will be vulnerable and you will need support. As part of our healthy schools programme in Arklow CBS we strive to provide information on the different factors and events that can have an impact on your mental health on a daily basis.

For the third year running our school community participated in 'Positivity Week' from March 6th - 10th. During 'Positivity Week' the school community took part in a number of workshops and activities to heighten everyone's awareness to positive mental health. 


Monday was our annual school walk in Glenart Wood. Following the walk, students were given fresh fruit and water. On Tuesday, third and sixth year students received a study skills workshop with 'Super Generation'. On Wednesday, students participated in a 'Shoutout' workshop on LGBT+. On Thursday, first year students completed an anti-bullying workshop examining the effects of bullying on the victim and on the bully. On Friday, students attended a talk on the effects of healthy eating on your wellbeing. During this talk students participated in making healthy breakfast shakes and bars. Furthermore on Friday, 'The harmony program' provided a workshop for senior students on the effects of drugs and alcohol on your mental health.




Photographs of workshops