Behaviour Pledge


1.     I will be on time for all classes throughout the day.


2.     I will enter the classroom quietly and go to my seat.  If asked by the teacher to change seats I will do so promptly and without dispute.


3.     I will immediately take out my journal, books, copy, pen and calculator and place them on my desk.


4.     I will remove my jacket unless it’s the school uniform jacket.


5.     I will listen to my teacher and follow all instructions.


6.     If I want to speak, I will raise my hand and speak only when my teacher allows me.


7.     I will not leave my seat or interfere with other students by making noise or misbehaving.


8.     I will record all homework in my journal.


9.     I will not pack up until my teacher tells me to.


10.    I will leave my desk area tidy.





I ______________________ promise to abide by this ten point agreement.


Class: __________                           Date: ________________


Parent/Guardian’s Signature:  ______________________