Homework Pledge


1.     I will write all my homework into my journal.


2.     I will make sure that I put good effort into my homework and that it is neat.


3.     I will have my homework done for every class.


4.     I know that homework is not just written work.  Reading, learning and preparation for all classes must also be done.


5.     As part of my homework I will prepare for the next day in school. I will do this by looking at next day’s timetable and packing all books, copies and equipment needed.


6.     I will check if I need to bring an absence note, late note, medical note or money for an activity into school the next day.  If so I will pack it the night before.



I ______________________ promise to abide by this six point agreement.


Class: __________                           Date: ________________


Parent/Guardian’s Signature:  ______________________